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Low Back Pain

Low back pain, which can occur due to many different reasons, negatively affects daily life and can lead to a decrease in quality of life. Behind low back pain, there may be simple problems that can be treated with rest, or there may be problems that can create serious health problems. Even if low back pain is mild, it should be taken seriously and the problem should be determined by at least a doctor's control. So what causes low back pain and what methods are used for treatment? Let's take a look at all the curious ones together...


What is Low Back Pain?

Low back pain is a condition that 90 to 95 percent of people experience at least once in their lives, and it can be seen both at young ages and at older ages. Low back pain that occurs at a young age is usually caused by a herniated disc. The cause of low back pain seen in advanced age is commonly due to calcification of the spine.

Although these are common causes, it is possible to talk about many other reasons that can cause low back pain. For example, canal stenosis, which manifests itself with symptoms such as numbness in the legs or shortening of walking distance, is one of the important causes that can cause low back pain.

At the same time, rheumatic diseases, spread of cancer in any part of the body, infections or metabolic disorders can also cause low back pain.

Low back pain can be divided into two as mechanical and degenerative. Approximately 85% of low back pain cases are due to mechanical causes.

Degenerative low back pain is much less common. Mechanical low back pain is usually caused by low back muscles and does not indicate any problem in the spine. Degenerative low back pain, on the other hand, occurs with aging of tissues and deterioration of its structure, and is often due to calcification.

Causes of Low Back Pain

The causes of low back pain are usually related to lifestyle. Situations where low back pain indicates a more serious condition are rarely encountered. We can list the most common causes of low back pain in people as follows:

Trauma due to heavy lifting or accidents can cause low back pain. Forceful movements can damage the structure of the vertebrae. If the disc between the vertebrae protrudes, then a herniated disc may occur, and lumbar hernia is the disease that causes the most discomfort to low back pain.
A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can cause low back pain. Likewise, excess weight can cause pain as it will put too much weight on the waist.
Stress can cause many problems for the human body. Back pain is one of these problems. It is known that people who work in extremely stressful jobs have more low back pain complaints.
Non-ergonomic beds or chairs, spending time on these floors for a long time can cause low back pain.

The reasons we have listed above are the most common causes of low back pain complaints and can be eliminated with lifestyle changes.

In addition to all these, working at a desk or computer for a long time, staying in a sitting position for a long time, choosing the wrong bed, being exposed to air conditioning or wind with a sweaty body, long-term constipation, lifting weights in an inappropriate position, smoking, heavy back Carrying your bags for a long time can also be shown among the causes of low back pain.

All these reasons can be considered as mechanical reasons.

The non-mechanical causes can be listed as follows:

  • lumbar hernia,
  • degenerative disc disease,
  • canal narrowing,
  • facet disease,
  • sacroiliac joint disease,
  • Unsuccessful back surgery,
  • spinal cord injury,
  • disc inflammation,
  • Tumors and metabolic diseases.

It is also known that it can cause low back pain in cases such as kidney stones and rupture of aortic aneurysm very rarely.

Symptoms of Low Back Pain Requiring Doctor's Control

Low back pain usually goes away by changing lifestyle or resting for a while. However, complaints of low back pain lasting more than 3 months are called chronic low back pain and may require a doctor's control. At the same time, since some symptoms occur, it would be much more accurate to have a doctor's control or to benefit from imaging techniques. These symptoms can be listed as follows:

  • A history of trauma such as a fall, traffic accident or injury,
  • Pain that continues at night and prevents sleep,
  • Difficulty moving the waist
  • The pain does not go away even after resting,
  • Pain spreading to the legs
  • Urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Weakness or partial paralysis in the legs,
  • Fatigue and sudden weight loss observed for 1 month,
  • Cancer history.

If these symptoms show themselves, then it is recommended that the patient go to a doctor immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment are of great importance in order to prevent more serious problems.

Low Back Pain Treatment

Depending on the condition of the pain and its underlying causes, the recommended treatment methods may differ.

According to the severity of low back pain, first of all, lifestyle changes, then rest, medication, exercises and physical therapy applications are recommended.

A large part of low back pain complaints are relieved with the application of these treatment methods. But if the pain gets worse and starts to cause more serious problems, such as loss of feeling in the legs, then surgical intervention may be required.

Apart from all these, the following 2 methods are commonly used in the treatment of low back pain:

  • Radiofrequency: A heat wave is sent to the degenerative disc tissue and facet joints at certain intervals with thin tips such as needles.
  • Epidural Steroid Injection: When nerve compression occurs due to herniated disc, the compressed nerve is reached and steroid and local anesthetic substance are injected.

Apart from these two treatment methods, ozone discectomy, epidural lysis and acupuncture are also among the treatment methods applied.

It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible when you have low back pain complaints. Your doctor will determine the best treatment method for you.

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