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Back Pain

Many people experience back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle or working at a desk for long periods of time. Since these pains are usually temporary, they are ignored by many patients. However, as with any pain, there is a possibility that there is a more serious underlying condition in back pain. Therefore, it should be considered when back pain occurs. So what causes back pain and what are the preferred treatment methods for back pain relief? Let's see together...


What is Back Pain?

Back pain is a condition that is experienced by one out of every 5 people today, and is caused by the tension of the muscles on both sides of the spine. It usually manifests itself as a muscle-related problem. It can be caused by stress, or it can be caused by other underlying diseases.

Back pain, which tends to go away on its own, is generally not recommended by many patients. However, if there is an underlying problem, at least a doctor's examination is recommended for early diagnosis of this problem.

Back pain can directly affect a person's quality of life, daily activities, education and work life. Technically speaking, with the flattening of the neck spine, which is often likened to the letter C, narrowing occurs at the exits of the nerves that go to the shoulders and back.

With this narrowing, the nerves begin to be suppressed. Keeping the muscles tense for a long time causes lumps and these muscle lumps are called fibrositis. This condition is most commonly caused by prolonged exposure to air conditioning, heavy lifting, or fatigue.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain, also called myofascial pain, can occur for many different reasons. It is possible to say that it is more common in people who work at a desk intensively. This situation can lead to poor posture in order to relieve pain in people with pain complaints. Back pain can be grouped in different ways. Before moving on to this grouping, we can make a list of situations that can cause back pain:

  • In cases where regular sports or exercise are not done, bad posture and working at the computer for a long time, the back muscles begin to weaken.
  • Trauma resulting from traffic accident or injury.
  • Fibromyalgia, also called soft tissue rheumatism, can cause back pain. Fibromyalgia can occur with stress or anxiety, as well as in cold and humid weather. Fibromyalgia can also occur in different parts of the body, not just the back.
  • Although very rare, back pain can be caused by a herniated disc.
  • Bone resorption due to aging.
  • Rheumatic diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis.
  • Deformities such as scoliosis or kyphosis.
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Apart from all these, back pain can also be a sign of much more serious diseases.

For example, in cases encountered to date, the following conditions have been found to cause back pain:

  • Swelling in the joints and rheumatic diseases that wake you up at night,
  • Risk of heart attack when the pain reaches the shoulder blade,
  • Shingles that occurs with inflammation of the nerve endings.

Although back pain is generally seen as a temporary condition, continuous pain that persists for more than 6 months should be considered.

In such cases, the probability of an underlying disease is quite high.

Underlying diseases can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment Methods for Back Pain

Before developing a treatment for back pain, the problem causing the back pain must be diagnosed. Sometimes only physical examination may be sufficient for diagnosis, and imaging techniques such as MR or CT are often used. The information researched by the physician in order to diagnose back pain is usually as follows:

  • Where is the pain and does it spread to other areas?
  • How long has the pain been going on?
  • Does the severity of pain change with posture changes?
  • What is done to reduce or aggravate the pain?
  • Do you have complaints such as fever, rash, rash or weight loss?
  • Loss of strength in the legs?

These and many other similar questions can be asked by the physician to the patient for diagnosis. Treatment methods are developed according to the diagnosis.

According to the severity of the back pain, pain relievers, muscle relaxants or ointments may be prescribed by the doctors first. In cases where drug therapy does not work, the most common treatment method is physical therapy.

In addition to physical therapy, treatment methods such as neural therapy, acupuncture, massage or soft laser can also be applied.

In this process, if the patient is experiencing stress, lifestyle changes may be recommended to reduce stress.

In cases where back pain is not caused by a serious illness, the lifestyle changes recommended for patients are as follows:

  • Doing regular sports or increasing physical activity,
  • not smoking,
  • To balance the weight,
  • Having correct posture when using a computer or sitting at a desk,
  • Relief from stress or anxiety.

If you manage this process with a physician, it will be easier and faster to get rid of your pain. Therefore, instead of waiting for the pain to pass, it is useful to get support from a physician.

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